Community Group Occupation Blocking School Renovation

Now I have her at Horace Mann, where she is thriving!” The group was originally allowed into the building by the Seattle Amistad School, which leased the facility from SPS. However, the district did not renew the lease when plans emerged to renovate and reopen the school. Amistad left, but Africa Town stayed. The group chained and barricaded the schools fences from the inside. The school district is also still paying for power and heat at the school. Neighbors have complained about the behavior of some of the people the advantage occupying the building– calling them squatters. A neighbor, who calls himself Johan, told the board to do their homework about the group occupying Mann School. The isolated groups that are in the Horace Mann building do not serve as many people as they say, said Johan. I live there, I see it.” Seconds later, Johan was confronted by an outraged Africa Town supporter and board members called security to remove the woman. Can we get paid for what the white Americans have done to blacks all our lives? Can we get some respect, the woman shouted, as she was escorted to the door.

Sofia University anti-government students to end occupation, continue protest

The development came a day after the students expanded their Occupy protest by barring with chains the yard of the university, and on the day that students joined protests outside the National Assembly as it elected a new deputy speaker from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms to succeed Hristo Biserov. Biserov quit as MRF deputy leader and as an MP shortly before it emerged that prosecutors were investigating him and his son for alleged money laundering and tax evasion. His whereabouts are not currently publicly known. Students told reporters that they would continue with their protests to demand the departure of the BSP government, early elections and sweeping reforms, but were ending their occupation of the Sofia University central buildings to enable the university administration to do its work. The protest outside Parliament was joined by university students from a number of other major cities in Bulgaria. There was an extremely strong police presence outside the National Assembly building. Inside, with the votes of BSP and MRF Mps, the MRFs Aliosman Imamov was elected deputy speaker and the partys Cheten Kazak as head of the legal affairs committee, posts previously held by Biserov. Centre-right opposition GERB declined to register as officially present and a quorum was secured with the assistance of Volen Siderovs ultra-nationalist Ataka party. GERB did take part in the vote, which was 114 for and 103 against in the case of the election of Imamov.


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