Construction Equipment Operators Vie In Crane Rodeo


Cranes are their livelihood, after all. “Teaching is just not the same,” said Frein’s wife, Janet, who passed the time by knitting. “He’s all pumped up about doing this.” But Frein wasn’t thrilled when he stepped down from the machine. “I think I looked pretty bad, I’ll tell you the truth,” he said as Janet wrapped her arms around him. “But it was fun,” he added, punctuated by a hearty “Ha!” “We would be proud of him no matter what,” said Frein’s son Nate, a graduate student studying biology at Washington State University Vancouver. Nate’s 3-year-old Iasem was nearby, following his grandfather’s lead by picking up rocks and placing them in orange plastic safety cones.

Commercial construction a $10 billion industry in Alabama, report finds

Sources said that the construction industry, reeling as it does under global recession, is facing “tough times”. “It’s a buyer’s market out there. Though the rise in the cost of sand and other fundamental construction material is bound to increase the cost of construction, the builders are unable to pass on the burden to the buyers. While on one side, new sales are hard to happen, old buyers are facing problems in repayment of sites their house loans,” Datta D Naik, owner of Commonwealth Developers, said. Sand transporters who manage to bring sand from outside Goa on the sly, sell it at a premium. Prior to the ban on sand transportation by Karnataka, sand was being brought to Goa from places like Karwar, Ramnagar and Londa, as sand extracted from the river beds in these places in considered much superior from that available in Goa. The fine Karwar sand is in great demand for its superior quality as opposed to the coarse river sand that is locally available.

Construction industry fears miner’s nightmare

We have thought all along we were a major industry in the state, but when we saw the actual numbers, it blew us away. In an interview, Deravi said other measures of the construction industry have not included the entire industry, focusing only on contractors. When you ask, What is the construction industry? the answer is beyond the contractors and subcontractors, he said. Deravi said the industries tied to construction are obvious, such as architecture and engineering, but others may not be so obvious, such as concrete, paper, pulp, lumber and wood industries or even carpet or flooring. What surprised me was the breadth and depth of it, he said. We wanted to look at the whole enchilada. A graphic created by Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama shows the economic impact of the construction industry in Alabama. (Special) Golden said when he became chairman of ABC Alabama the organizations mission was to increase the exposure and relevance of the construction industry in the state.


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